Sunday, July 3, 2011

Progress: A Slow Process

So i havent been completely wasting time this summer. I have been slowly trying to learn maya before the start of 2nd year at Ringling. I had actually gotten to texturing but i keep running into problems with my terrible modeling and have been back tracking a lot. 

Running into a bit of trouble with ncloth on the shirt.... crits are not only welcome but encouraged!

And here is a small comic excerpt. I got some cool inking brushes and have been having a blast with those.


  1. Take a look at the topology references here.
    I always go back to those when modeling. You don’t need the more complex looking topologies for the elbows and knees, simple works just fine.
    As for the cloth, I would say (as we ourselves are told) to just skip it, try to avoid any kind of dynamics, because the time it takes to set them up and troubleshoot them is time that you don’t get to spend on animation or polishing up your scene. The kind of dynamics that we as students would be able produce and render aren’t going to impress anyone in the industry, but simplicity will. So when in doubt, simplify.

  2. its a goood start :) i'd say take a look at the link Irene gave you and look at topology references :) it'll give you a good idea how different parts should be modeled so it will be easier for you to understand later how your character should be rigged so it can animate. As for cloth, don't worry about it now really, cause its going to cause a heck of a lot of problems during the semester and you don't really have the time to really fix it in between projects. But do explore it it will be cool :) I agree with irene too! Simplify :) Good luck buddy! it will be cool if you can also render out the wireframe :)

  3. Sick works! you inspireee me

  4. thanks guys!

    @irene and @susan I modelled my topology using the site and the stop staring book. I really just wanted to get a feel for ncloth before school since i prob wont have a chance then.