Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Days Go On...

As of today i still have not received any admission decisions from any of the schools i applied to. I should have news from SCAD and Ringling within the next 2 or so weeks, and CalArts sometime in March. Ill update as soon as i know.
Ive been trying to keep as busy as possible during this waiting period. Ive been cafe sketching 3-5 times a week, figure drawing once a week, digital painting almost daily, as well as listening to podcasts relating to art and animation, reading, and ChiuStream every Friday.
ChiuStream is a live video stream done by Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios. It consists of Bobby Chiu selecting a topic, which participants have one hour to paint/draw. Out of the top three voted entries Chiu selects a winner. Every once in a while Chiu will interview another professional artist and hold a contest for them. The latest is with Imaginism Art director Kei Acedera. These streams normally have a longer deadline (a weekish) and a lot more participants.
The topic for this interview was to redesign the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. I started this challenge off by doing a few sketches of normal every day house cats so i could have something to build on. I then tried drawing my version of the cat in various styles until i found something that i really liked. I then did the pencils (which were a bit more ambitious then the final) scanned in and painted on PS.

Also here are a list of some great podcasts on animation and art:
-Spline Doctors (Pixar)
-Speaking of Animation (DreamWorks)
-Sidebar (Comics/Art)
-Chris Oatley's Artcast (I'm featured in this episode(16:42). The piece was done late last year so forgive my lack of a complete composition)