Sunday, December 8, 2013

I recently watched The Kings of Summer. The film really impressed me with its specificity and ability to really communicate what is like to be on summer vacation as an adolescent male. It made me think and reflect on my own childhood summers. 

Summers in Indiana are hot.

My mom would drop me off at my grammies where Id hang out with my cousins.

 There was always one thing on our mind from when we woke up till when we went to bed...

We had a couple friends in the neighborhood whom we played with everyday.

We Only had a couple bikes but we made due. 

I was obsessed with Allen Iverson at the time he was a smaller player and gave me hope of one day making the league. 

 It wasn't just about basketball though, it was about friendship.

 They were the ones who first introduced me to rap music.

I look back on those days now and even though all of my friends didn't make it to 2013. I'm happy I was able to spend that time with them.

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