Saturday, April 13, 2013

The school year seems to be barreling to a close Im currently scrambling to finish my final assignments but mainly focusing on bettering the story for my senior film. Over last semseter when I was developing story ideas for my film I created this character Olga " Copper Belly". It was a alternative history coldwar story that didn't quite come together. But I did really enjoy the character so I developed her a bit more and eventually one of my classmates asked to model the design.

Olga a.k.a Copper Belly. Is the only female Russian Commander. She was an orphan raised by wolves. Her stern face was carved by the  knife like winds of the russian winter. As a child she had one hero, Joseph Stalin. (whom she met later on  in life after single-handily protecting a small village from an invading army for 45 days.
Though she only shows her stern demeanor to her subordinates, she has a huge love for gloss red high heel shoes. The vast collection is always hidden away in her private quarters. She is a ruthless leader but respected by all of her men. 

Here is the model done by Maria Yi. You can check out more of her work here:

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