Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bear Cop

Over the summer I created this character i called BearCop. He is this older police officer who doesn't really like being a police officer. He hates all his coworkers except for his partner (but he'd never say that) a young female chicken who is new to the force. He doesn't play by the rules and has a really bad temper. He handles all of his problems with his fist first. You're probably wondering how a guy could be so cold hearted. Well BearCop had a difficult past, after high school he went into the Navy  where he was stationed off the coast of China. During that time he fell in love with a Panda that broke his heart ( note tatto on his right arm) A broken heart can take a lifetime to mend.

One of my goals for this project was to really do something fun. My number one goal was to do something that I would enjoy. I love having time to really create character and think about how they live their lives outside of the story that i tell on screen. One think i love to is sketch out how they would order coffee at Starbucks, and how they react if the barista gets the order wrong.

The final product came up short to my expectations but I still really enjoy the character and will try to do some more stuff with him in the future. I ended up not using the above story because it was way too complex and decided to go with something smaller. It still did a good job of conveying his character but just not quite as fun as I would've hoped.

I had a lot of fun with this character and hope to do a few more stories with him in the future. 

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