Sunday, April 29, 2012

MoonBot Workshop

A couple weeks ago I had the honor of being selected to participate in an Story IP development workshop run by the Academy Award Winning Moonbot Studios.  I cant thank them enough for allowing me to participate in such an event! I learned so much during that time about story development and working in a team. In the workshop we were given a common IP that is currently in the public domain and had to use it as a jumping off point to create a pitch packet for something new. At the end of the workshop we then had to pitch our idea in to the guys from Moonbot.

Our IP was Dracula and in the end we decided to create a video game concept.  At one point we placed the story in Peru and here are few of the early character explorations I did.

The final character designs were flushed out later. Thanks to my awesome teammates Michelle Kwon, Veronica Valencia,  Taylor Clutter, and Ted Gola.  I found working accross majors to be really helpful with thinking of ideas out side of our normal realm of expertise.

Also here is a teaser animatic I did for the Game.

 And a feel reel done by Taylor that basically gives you the feel of what our game would be like.

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