Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So i just started my first week of classes at Ringling. More to come on that later.

I decided to get some storyboarding practice in, so here is my orientation experience. (still getting better at digital line art so bear with me:)

The campus is really beautiful.

The move-in went over smoothly.
Orientation Activities were to help us incoming students make friends.

The Orientation Leaders were really enthusiastic.

We took turns sharing information about ourselves.

Eventually everyone started to loosen up.
Classes began on Monday!


  1. Ha! For some reason I really like the fact that the OLs' shirts are the only thing that is colored in these. :P Such a bright color those shirts are heh. Glad everything is going smoothly for you. Maybe sometime this weekend we'll give you a call to come hang out at our apartment. Great job on these BTW!

  2. Thanks! It was to distinguish them from the freshmen.

    Sounds good.

  3. Haha, Awesome job on the boards man!

  4. we're all proud of you back in Chicago. I'm really glad you did this project before school even started. Keep up the good work, you're head in the right direction.


  5. Your art makes me so envious...

  6. @kevin thanks!

    @aaron will do

    @pan lol thanks i guess

  7. Haha, these are so fun to look at! So glad orientation is over...