Sunday, July 11, 2010

So for the past few months I've been developing this short, called "O'Darth's Bike Shop." Its about a dragon who owns a bike shop and one day he gets an unexpected visitor. I originally started this as a way to build a portfolio, but i decided it would be good practice to take it a bit further. Some of the project has already been posted, but ill put it here anyway just to have it all in one place.

Here is the entire sequence of the short boarded.


Here are some sketches of the main character in different key story moments, early in the stories development.

Main Character turnaround.

Here are some sketches I did when developing the girl character.

Sketches of story moments with the girl character. Her character tries to overcompensate for her small stature. She is always on her toes in an attempt to appear larger.



I probably didn't give enough time to developing the environments so i still may go back and do more in this area.
This is the original layout drawing that shows what the shop looks like from the outside. It shows where the camera would be in this particular shot.

I later went back and redesigned the shops exterior, in this sketch.

Color script:

Here is my first concept piece i did when developing the story. I guess this could now be part of the color script.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Any critiques or suggestions are appreciated.


  1. Good stuff. For the Characters I would suggest playing with the shapes a bit more. Figure out what will make them distinct. Doing silhouettes might help. See if you can figure out who the character is through the shapes and gestures you use. Nice work though. I really like the second pass on the shop exterior!

  2. I have no critiques or suggestions since obviously I know nothing about any of this... but this is awesome, and congrats again on the scholarship!

  3. Taylor: Alright will do.

    Gabs: lol thanks