Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So as of today i have finished applying for both Ringling and Calarts. I should be hearing back from both early March. Im really hoping i can go this year. Ive been spending hours each day searching and applying for scholarships. So if anyone knows of any good ones please let me know.

I have also been working on a few freelance projects. This is an album cover i did for a friend the final with text can be viewed here If anyone is interested in commisioning please shoot me an email at

And a personal piece.


  1. doesn't it feel weird to be sitting in a public place and sketching people? do they think you're odd for watching them? i do subway drawings on the sly (cause that's how i learned) but i actually haven't ever thought about going to the library or to a coffee place and drawing the people there.

    you have really good capturing capabilites to get something really quickly even if the line isn't the one you want and just laying down the image. it's also good that you don't neglect the space too much because it helps set the figure/story. so you draw and then work on the colour afterwards or you draw and colour at the cafe?

  2. Hi, Lae!
    Thanks so much for the comments! I dont really feel weird about it anymore because i do it so much.

    Thanks! I normally do colour afterwards if i even do color.

  3. yeah that's what i do also. i think it's much safer that way although i've taken to picking colours (bought some coloured pens) and i just sketch on the subway with them. anyways just know that you've inspired me to get off my butt and go outside and just draw whatever i see instead of sticking safe with landscapes and the such. i saw a squirrel the other day trying to drink his way into one of those coconut water (con leche) cans on my route home and i always thought i should draw it. well now i will. thanks yates! oh and i read your post about chiustream and the other podcasts and i'm entering a whole new world of artists online. it's neat.

  4. Nice! Im glad to help! Do you have a website or anything where i can see your art?

    Also if you are interested in animation, definitely check out animation podcast as well as spline doctors.

  5. will do. nope i don't have a website or a blog yet. i'm just getting into all that stuff right now and figuring my way out online, but i can email you some of my work. i'm always good about critiques. i'm really glad i found your site/blog :)

  6. Sure, if you'd like (

    Id also suggest maybe getting a deviantart page