Monday, December 21, 2009

The Portfolio

This is my portfolio for Ringling College of Art and Design -Computer Animation major. Still
working on getting it down to 10 pieces please leave a comment or critique.
13 MY-002


  1. Hey there,

    Your portfolio is looking really good, for the most part. The figure gestures are OK, but if you have a nice longer drawing, I would substitute that for the page of gestures. Gesture drawings make great portfolio pieces later on, but as a high school student, you really just don't have enough experience to make them really top-notch. I will say that I'm really impressed by your cafe sketches, though--most students who try to include these don't quite have it figured out yet.

    The only piece that I'm really not a fan of is the self portrait with the blue on the face. It looks digital, and unreferenced. Your still life paintings from life are so strong both color and value wise, and this just doesn't match up. Everything is very middle tone(I'm talking value--I'm guessing it was a choice to keep it gray and blue), and I just don't conceptually understand the blue marks on the face. It also just seems a bit unfinished compared to the rest of your work.

    If you have time to make these fixes, go ahead and make them. If not, I still don't think you'll have a hard time getting in. Good luck!

  2. Oh, one more thing--Go into photoshop and use the clone tool to erase out the numbers on the figure drawings. Just makes your work look a bit more professional!

  3. thanks so much, for the crits I will try and do all you have said.

  4. looking real good. if you're trying to decrease the number pieces, i'd say the bottom four could go, though i certainly don't know much about applications

  5. Hey man. VERY nice selection. I'm not a huge fan of that top page, mostly because the figures are all unfinished (legs and feet missing. etc.). When doing figures, it's good practice to quickly draw the gesture of the full figure first, and then go back and add detail. That way, even if you don't get the entire figure as rendered as you'd like, at least the body's all there.

    Other than that, I think you've made some very good picks. :) Good luck!

  6. Recalls: Thanks, they prob are the weakest

    Nilah: Thanks for the comment, Ill see if i can do another to replace it before the deadline.